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The Silver Wagon and Getting Broken

May 21, 2012

downloadStory time:

A crazy thing happened the other day on my way home from work. I was driving over “the hill,” coming down into the coastal area, in the fast-lane passing several semi-trucks, and a small silver wagon came up behind me and kinda started tailgating me. As soon as I could, I moved over into the right-hand lane, wondering why this guy needed to go 60 down the hill. He passed me pretty quick, and as we got to the next big turn, rated at 45mph, I noticed his speed got clocked at 65mph by the speed-checking thingy. By the time I got to the same area, he was out of site behind the tight curve in the road. As I rounded the turn I noticed a little wind-whipped dust in the area, which was weird because it wasn’t really windy or particularly dusty. As I finished the turn I saw the same silver wagon with his hood up moving over off the highway. I noticed, as I passed, that his front was smashed and his hood was up as a result of impact. The dust cloud then made sense, as the debris that was stirred up when his tires lost traction and he hit the guard-rail. I drove on thinking, ‘that is what happens when you take a turn that should be taken close to 45mph at 65mph.’ (Side note: unfortunately it looked as though he had just purchased the car, as it had a temporary license number on it.)

Later I got to thinking that this is a picture of how life works, ultimately. God knows how life works best for “human flourishing” (as Tim Keller likes to say) and when people decided that God doesn’t know best and that we know best, they end up in a world of hurt. Because when we break God’s way, it breaks us. God isn’t a cosmic kill-joy who made up a bunch of rules that would trip us up and keep us from having what we want, rather he knows exactly how things work best and has, in His grace, allowed us to see that in His Word and in His character. Sometimes it may take months, years or a lifetime to see this, but I have no doubt that when we break God’s design for life, it will break us.

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