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Heaven: not clouds, robes and harps

May 18, 2012

When heaven is perceived as tall gates on puffy white clouds with angels flying around in white robes while plucking harps, the gospel is diminished.

What is the message of the gospel? 1) Man sinned. 2) God sent his Son to earth. 3) Christ died for sinners. 4) Christ rose from the dead and defeated death. 5) Christ will come again and make all wrongs right and create a new heavens and a new earth (Rev. 21, Isaiah 65:17). 6) God’s redeemed will inhabit the new earth with Him. (Granted, some of those are provisions of the gospel, and not the gospel proper.) So to believe that when we die we will get our wings at heaven’s gate and forever float around playing the harp and singing undermines the implications of what Christ has done and will do. It also keeps us from being committed to this planet and these people.

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