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Rob Bell, Hell, “Love Wins”

March 15, 2011

Last night I sat down with my housemates to watch Rob Bell, pastor of Mars Hill Bible Church in Michigan, discuss his new book Love Wins published by HarperOne. What I watched and heard shocked and bothered me. This is a book that he met with incredible disdain from conservative Christian cirlces (Kevin DeYoung, Justin Taylor, John Piper, etc). Rightly so. I wanted to post some of the questions and answers from the discussion, but that would make this an enormous post, which I am deathly afraid of [long posts, that is]. This is the link for a transcript of the discussion from last night:

Check it out. It’s important as Christian to be able to respond to these things cogently. He says some pretty crazy stuff, like: Atheists and Jews can go to heaven. Or: Hell is the hell that we make on earth by being bad [“I actually think there is hell, because we see hell everyday. We can resist, and we can reject what it means to be fully human and good and decent and compassionate. So yes, I think there is.” – Bell]. When asked about his departure from “orthodox” Christian beliefs, Bell stated, “And I actually think that orthodoxy is a terribly wide, diverse stream. I think that’s the real question here: the endless religious compulsion to say, ‘We’re in, you’re out,’ to constantly narrow it and all of that. And I think that vibrant, real, historic Christian faith is wide and leaves lots and lots of rooms for lots of varying perspectives.” That takes the cake: wide is the way to heaven, folks, and everyone will find it eventually.

A better title would be: Everyone Wins

Links on the subject:
Justin Taylor:
Keven DeYoung:

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  1. March 21, 2011 6:24 pm

    MSNBCs Martin Bashir interviews Rob Bell and, quite frankly, embarrasses him in front of America, check it out:


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