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December 14, 2010

Something I’ve thought a bit about over the last couple years, since it’s been a prominent point of dissension among politicians, is land borders; legals and illegals, borders and border patrols, how does all this work out? It seems like there are two main sides to the argument of legal/illegal immigration (here I’m talking specifically about USA and Mexico, the only case I hear much about), 1) kick out all of the immigrants who are in the States illegally, and keep unwanted Mexicans out (I hope that’s not too brash of a generalization), and 2) legalize the Mexicans who are already here and assimilate them all into the American way, while allowing others to come in as well (I didn’t state that much better than the first, sorry). Basically what I’m try to wade through is: how do we treat illegal immigrants? Or, how should we (the church) treat illegal immigrants?

How much do man-made country borders matter in the eyes of God? That’s one question I’ve tried to think through. Sure it’s essential, and biblical, to have countries and governments and law enforcement, but if you step back and look at the human race, we’re all just a bunch of different color people living right next to each other. How much stock does God put in our “right” to decide who belongs where? Especially when that dictates how we treat them? Is our whole way of looking at the issue of legal/illegal even legitimate? I know the reason that people are considered “illegal” is because they entered our  country in a way that we deem to be wrong by our government. But how does that look to God? Should I be on board with that? I’m not advocating a hippie, let people do whatever, be one with “mother earth” thing, I’m just try to understand how God would see our treatment of people, based on our own laws. How does loving the alien and the foreigner fit in with all of that (Deut 10:18-19…that may be a really wacked verse to cite, but it came to mind)? Seems like Jesus loves those people, do I? Does loving my neighbor as myself apply to my neighbors who are “illegal”? Does God care about people kicking other people out?

That was really incoherent. Take it for what it’s worth.

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