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Aliens, World Peace, and Eco-Friendly

December 13, 2010

I hope this can still be somewhat brief. First, the alien issue…again. This really is an issue that Christians need to think about and develop an apologetic for, I think I hear about it every week in some way (which might not mean much, considering I live in Santa Cruz; crazed-marijuana-smokin’-hippie capital-of-the-world (more on that in just a minute)). Today it (alien stuff) was on a poster that advertised how sightings of UFOs meant that a “World Teacher” called “Maitreya” is coming to earth. Maitreya, as advertised, is the person forecasted by all religions (Messiah, Jesus, Krishna, Imam Mahdi, and, my personal favorite, Maitreya Buddha (I think it’s a Buddhist thing)) to come to the world and bring world peace and sharing and stuff. Also heard a guy last night blame an unexplained piece of glass in his mom’s arm on an alien abduction (which you wouldn’t remember, because the aliens erase your memory anyway). I really don’t mean to sound like I’m mocking, I want to take this seriously. All that to say, alien/UFO stuff is on the rise, and I really believe it’s a manifestation of people supressing the truth (Romans 1:18-22). If the supernatural can be explained by aliens, then no more need for God at all.

World peace. Not that it’s a bad thing, it’s just a bit naive to focus all of your time and effort on achieving something the Bible says won’t happen until Christ does some business on planet earth. Wars will continue and people will be wicked until Christ makes all wrongs right. So the “sign here for world peace” petitions seem a bit foolish to me. Just my opinion.

Eco-friendly. Mankind should be good stewards of the earth, that much is undeniable and is clearly outlined in the Bible. But, “save the trees or we’re all going to die from air pollution, you right-wing earth hater” (general idea) is also a very man-centered and silly thing to say. As if people have control over the fate of the earth. Again, I’m not saying “trash the earth” but I am saying, “use the earth”!!! Use all the oil you can dredge, and cut down all the trees you need. You can’t kill the earth, it has to be here for Jesus to judge with fire (2 Peter 3:7). So chill out, hippies, and chop down a tree…you can use it for firewood, printing your own money, or building a house!

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