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God is too BIG to fit into one religion

December 10, 2010

You might have seen this bumper sticker yourself at some point; I saw it for the first time this morning, and I immediately hated it. I hate it because it’s a lie wrapped up in nice sounding, politically correct, socially acceptable rhetoric. It’s just another way of saying that everyone is right, and that everyone has a piece of the truth (i.e. everyone has a piece of God). Or, at the very least, it means: don’t be dogmatic about your “truth” since God and truth and right/wrong are all so far beyond one’s understanding.

So if that bumper sticker is true, then nobody is right, since nobody knows the whole truth (i.e. since God is too big to be understood by any person/church/group/religion). If this is true, then there is no absolute truth, which is exactly what culture tells everyone. “How dare you say something is right or wrong! That’s entirely your own opinion, and opinions should not be forced on other people who also have their own opinions.” 

Truth is there is truth. Truth is, Jesus is the only way. Don’t believe the “be tolerant, be kind, be thoughtful and don’t be so certain about truth,” sounds nice, but it’s damnable.

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